Complex pricing across physical and digital sales channels


Unleash the full potential of omnichannel with real-time dynamic pricing

Running an omnichannel business with physical and online stores is often associated with great complexity in pricing. If a loyalty club, with access to personal discounts and loyalty points, is connected, then it is crucial to have a price engine that can take all parameters into account at the same time - and calculate at lightning speed. 52MASTERPRICER is integrated into the heart of your retail solution and ensures consistent and uniform pricing.

"We want to be No. 1 in beauty and wellness online"

Experience Thomas Grane from Matas talk about their vision and the challenges that follow with being one of the retailers in Denmark with the highest degree of complexity in relation to prices, personal discounts, and loyalty points. Challenges, that have been solved, by implementing 52MASTERPRICER as a central basket calculator across their physical and digital sales channels.

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High ambitions and great curiosity

It is essential for Matas that their partners, like themselves, are curious and share their high ambitions while at the same time are willing to grow together with them.

The component for your universe

52MASTERPRICER keeps track of prices, discounts, and promotions across all your sales channels, so your customers are met with the same prices no matter where they shop.

From 3 to 1 single omnichannel team

Matas merged their previous three development teams into one team to create synergy in relation to providing a coherent omnichannel customer journey.

Small enough to care

When Matas chooses IT partners, format, proximity, close dialogue, and a thinking "out-of-the-box" approach are essential elements when solving challenges together.

Retailer with the greatest complexity

Matas is without a doubt the retailer in Denmark with the highest degree of complexity concerning discounts and personal offers via the loyalty club, Club Matas.

Dialogue expedition and 1: 1 advice

Matas' expedition approach is dialogue-based - they pull items in and out of their POS solution while advising customers as opposed to traditional transaction-based retail.

Say hi to Daisy!

Hear about Daisy's customer journey, and get to know the bumps she as an omnichannel customer encounters along the way.

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Correct pricing on all channels

For your customers, it is crucial to be greeted by exactly the same price no matter which channel they choose to trade with you.

Consistent discount structure

To calculate the customer's different discounts - also in combination, it is essential to have the same discount structure.

Unlimited product availability

Your customers have access to an item regardless of whether they buy in the store, choose Click and Collect or direct home delivery.

The heart of your omnichannel solution

With 52MASTERPRICER as the heart of your retail solution, you can get the full benefits of true omnichannel pricing with reliability and cost-effectiveness.



Our CTO, Peder Herborg, gives you a technical explanation of how 52MASTERPRICER works and why correct pricing is a complex challenge for retailers with physical and digital sales channels that need to be tied together.

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