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Streamlining the payment process at Europris



When Norwegian retail chain Europris faced the challenge of finding a replacement for their existing POS system, that could meet their specific requirements for scalability, flexibility, and reliability, they initially wanted to find a Norwegian supplier due to the advantages of geographical proximity.

But after an extensive evaluation process, Europris selected Fiftytwo as their preferred supplier due to the advanced design and features of their POS system, 52ViKING.

"Fiftytwo was the obvious choice for us. Their POS system is modern, flexible, and above all, reliable - which is crucial when we have thousands of customers through our stores every day. 52ViKING meets all our requirements and can be integrated efficiently with our existing systems in a modern way. And it gives us exciting possibilities compared to alternative POS systems. Their system has simply trumped the desire for a local developer. In short, they presented the best solution."- Ole Petter Harv, CIO at Europris

Europris is known for its low-cost operating model that prioritizes efficiency throughout the entire value chain. From factory to customer, Europris is committed to maintaining a lean cost base by optimizing and streamlining processes, including sourcing, logistics, distribution, and the POS system.
By selecting Fiftytwo's 52ViKING POS system, Europris has further enhanced its focus on efficiency and effectiveness.

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A better experience - for customers and employees

The new POS system will streamline the payment process in Europris’ 282 stores for both customers and employees in several areas.
First and foremost, 52ViKING POS can handle data lightning-fast, meaning that as soon as the items are scanned, prices with discounts are calculated instantly. The flexible and intuitive user interface makes it easy for employees to adapt to the system, which will also be an advantage in training new staff.

"We have put a lot of effort into creating a user interface that is easy to understand for existing employees, but especially for new employees who will benefit greatly from it. It is super-intuitive, meaning that new hires will quickly feel comfortable at the checkout." - Katharina Faarup, Product Owner at Fiftytwo

In addition to more efficient service, Europris' customers can also look forward to the customer-facing screens on the other side of the checkout, providing them with a simple overview of what is being scanned and at what price. Members of Europris' customer club, MER Kundeklubb, can therefore ensure they get the correct price.

The customer club is an important element at Europris. It provides access to generally good member prices but also includes personal discounts.

All these different price and discount levels are, of course, incorporated into the system, ensuring that customers always get the correct, personalized price for their purchases. Even if they don't pay at the checkout but instead are served on the floor with a mobile POS…

Mobile payment on the way

The very latest in the collaboration is the implementation of a mobile POS solution, 52ViKING MPOS, which will enable Europris' employees to serve customers with mobile devices. This means that customers can be served more quickly, and it can ease the pressure on traditional cash registers during busy periods.

52ViKING MPOS also provides Europris with new opportunities for selling goods in their outdoor areas, where they can now sell items such as fireworks or garden furniture directly to customers - without customers having to wait in line inside the store.

The mobile cash registers will also provide a security benefit, as they can operate disconnected from the technical environment in the store if it were to be out of order.

"We have a strong ambition to increase digitization in our stores where it adds value, and the next step is the implementation of the mobile POS system. Our goal is that our customers have a smooth and efficient shopping experience every time they shop at Europris. And our good collaboration with Fiftytwo helps us achieve this."  - Ole Petter Harv

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About Europris

Europris is Norway's largest discount variety retailer by sales. Founded in 1992, it has grown to operate more than 280 stores throughout Norway. Europris offers a wide range of affordable products, including groceries, clothing, electronics, and household goods.


Fiftytwo's POS software, 52ViKING, handles over 3 million transactions daily in more than 3,500 stores. The software solution has a state-of-the-art structure that allows it to quickly read data, resulting in short scanning times for goods and products. 52ViKING also exists as 52ViKING MPOS, which can be installed on Android devices, turning them into a mobile payment device. It interacts with the rest of the point-of-sale system and is ideal for quickly handling queues or pop-up sales.

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