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Omnichannel POS

Successful retailers offer their products throughout multiple channels in a seamless customer experience where all channels melt together. But how do you control prices, discounts, gift cards, vouchers and customer loyalty club across all these channels and always offer the same experience and price no matter where your customer goes? 

A Point-of-Sales solution that is much more than moving goods across the counter.

52RETAIL  connects all sales channels across all stores and ensures that customers meet the same prices no matter where they choose to shop. Omnichannel sales are about creating great experiences and with an omni POS solution you’ll have the technological backbone to realize your ideas and answer to customer demands and needs.

How 52RETAIL optimizes your business

Manages prices across all sales channels

52RETAIL helps you keep control of prices, discounts and campaigns across all your stores and sales channels to ensure customers get the same prices no matter where they shop.

Completes the omnichannel experience

Make interaction between sales channels transparent and appear as a unified brand. 52RETAIL ensures that your customers will meet the same information anywhere, anytime.

Connects with your other business systems

Choose your favorite business applications and hardware. 52RETAIL connects with your other systems and lets you maintain data centrally.

Reduces queues in store and online

52RETAIL offers applications and functionality that gets your customers through checkout faster and in return gives great customer experiences.

Builds customer loyalty

Attract new and existing customers and urge them to keep returning to your stores with different initiatives that win loyalty. All integrated to the 52RETAIL solution.

Develops as you grow

Get started with a solution that fits your current situation and adds more functionality as your business grows. 52RETAIL is scalable both in functionality and capacity.


A great buying experience depends on your POS software and how well it makes shopping easy, fast and convenient for the customers and help your staff help your customers in the best way possible. There are many options to meet your customers in the store and improve their experience depending on their needs. 52RETAIL offers standard POS, Mobile POS and selfscan solutions to meet these different needs for personal customer service, fast checkout and convenient shopping.

Customer stories

An easy and efficient customer experience.

BR & Toys'r'us

Toys'r'us and BR implement new self-checkout stands in cooperation with Fiftytwo and Diebold Nixdorf.
POS solution precisely adapted to their industry

Carl's Jr.

Carl's Jr In Denmark implemented a new point-of-sale (POS) solution, which is easy and flexible to integrate with their other systems.
Customized solution and easy implementation

OK Plus

Reliable and user-friendly solution releases more time for the business

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