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300 Matas stores get new business system


June 20, 2022
By Søren Brammer Riis
What's new?

Fiftytwo has made a deal with Matas in delivering the 52RETAIL omnichannel solution to all close to 300 Matas stores in Denmark. The solution is going to support sales in the stores of both stationary and mobile cash registers as well as the web shop matas.dk.

”We have great expectations to the fact that the omnichannel POS solution from Fiftytwo will help to complete the total IT support of our omnichannel strategy, in which Club Matas is the Alpha and the Omega. In this connection, it’s important for us to have an associate who we expect to understand this ambition and that we believe will be able to develop the solution together with us in a rapidly developing retail market”
Thomas Grane, CIO, Matas

With 52ViKING, Matas will get a true omnichannel solution. Matas’ strong customer club and loyalty program as well as the campaigns Matas has launched are also successful on all sales channels.

Other than a state-of-the-art business solution, Fiftytwo was also chosen based on the competencies of the employees, including a high-tech knowledge combined with experience and great knowledge of the use and challenges of the retail business in “the new world”. And last but not least, a long track record in delivering operationally reliable retail infrastructure.


The Matas agreement strengthens Fiftytwo’s growth

The division manager of Retail Solutions at Fiftytwo, Heini Schärer, is pleased with the incoming co-operation with Matas and views the agreement as definite proof of the accuracy of our strategy behind the 52ViKING solution: “One business logic for all sales channels.” The agreement with Matas contributes to a substantial strengthening of Fiftytwo’s leading position within IT and business solutions for the retail business. At the same time, the agreement will further boost Fiftytwo’s growth curve.

”The retail chains are in the process of merging the silos in their business. The consumers are quite simply demanding that the retail chains’ trade solutions with customers clubs and loyalty programs give them a similar purchase experience whether if they shop in the physical store or online. With our 52RETAIL omnichannel solution we have a completely unique product, which contributes to create this coherence, and therefore we will experience further growth the coming years”
Heini Schärer


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About Matas

Matas is a nationwide retail chain, which offers a wide selection within beauty and care, health products and over-the-counter medicine. The Matas chain was founded in 1949 as a volunteer chain, but since 2013 it has been a stock-exchange listed company with 294 stores across the country today. Club Matas is Denmark’s biggest loyalty concept with 1,67 million members, of which 75% of all women in Denmark between the ages of 18 and 65 are a member.

In 2015 Matas had a turnover of 3,45 billion kr. and employs over 2,500 employees in the stores and head office.

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