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Advantages of agile work processes when you replace your POS solution

It can seem overwhelming to replace your POS solution. No matter how many stores and tills you have, you might fear that it’ll be a long and complicated process. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Fortunately, there are several ways to run and lead projects. And a POS solution doesn’t necessarily have to be built at once. Using agile work processes, the solution will be complete faster and you’ll avoid misunderstandings along the way.

March 24, 2021
By Søren Brammer Riis


Check out our template to present a potential POS solution to stakeholders 


Here’s some of the advantages of agile work processes:


1. Greater flexibility

The agile process is divided into sprints, that typically last a couple of weeks at the time. It means that you don’t have to be 100% sure of what your solution should contain the day you make the order features and functionality within your POS solution. Perhaps you’ll learn more along the process and will need more functionality than first assumed. Perhaps you’ll need some adjustments. No matter what flexibility is possible with agile development.


2. Fast roll-out

By dividing the process into sprints there is a good chance that you’ll experience fast roll-outs and ongoing deliveries and updates rather than one big complete roll-out in the far future. It means that new functionality will quickly be up and running and contribute to an improved business. Furthermore, all stakeholders will have a better feeling with the project and its course owing to the fast and ongoing roll-outs.


3. The most critical comes first

In the agile process you look at the priority of tasks within the single sprints which makes it easier to adjust the order if necessary. Things can change during this type of project and what started as being the most critical is not necessarily the most critical at the end. This way you can succeed by getting the most critical things done first all the way through the project and at the same time you get a product that fits the market at delivery time.


4. A good overview

It’s a lot easier to have control and keep a sense of perspective of a project that lasts four weeks than of one that lasts six months. Therefore, if you choose to see the single sprints as mini projects you’ll hopefully get a better and clearer overview which in the end will give you the feeling of control over the situation. The better overview the stakeholders have, the better feedback they can give each other during the process. And that benefits both parts.


We are working with an agile method

At Fiftytwo, we develop our POS solution, ViKING Commerce, after an agile method. So, if you choose us to be your next POS provider the above-mentioned advantages come as a part of the full package.

We focus on a close collaboration so we can get to know you and your business. We believe it gives the best result. Together we can ensure that the functionality most critical to you are developed and delivered first so your business quickly will be ready to meet the consumers’ increasing demands and needs.