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Implementing a new POS solution doesn’t have to close your stores

Perhaps the thought of a long and difficult delivery and installation process is keeping you from taking the last steps towards changing your POS solution? Fear not – it doesn’t have to end in a chaotic project with closed stores. If you focus on the right elements in the hunt of your next POS supplier, it can be an efficient process that doesn’t involve a complete shutdown of your business in the meantime.

February 7, 2019
By Søren Brammer Riis


This affects the delivery and installation time

The number of stores and tills naturally affects the delivery and installation time and the less stores and devices the faster it can be done. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that it should take forever if you have many stores. If you choose the right supplier, it can be done quite efficient, so you can move on.

It also affects the schedule whether you’re changing both hardware and software. If you’re changing hardware, or both, it prolongs the process and you will need to have consultants in your stores to install the new equipment.


Self-service solutions and mobile POS

If you’re having other solutions than traditional POS, such as self-service solutions and mobile POS, delivered and installed you’ll need to have consultants coming by your stores. Self-service tills are being installed in the same way as traditional tills meaning that they require a permanent location in the store. If you’re choosing mobile self-scanning with handheld scanners it requires a rack for the scanners that should be placed by the store entrance and tills that are suitable for the solution. Are you on the other hand choosing self-scanning where the customers are using their own mobile phones it only takes tills that are suitable for the solution.

Mobile POS on the contrary is a flexible unit that can be placed in a drawer by the traditional till, so you can take it out when needed. It can also be a permanent part of the staffs’ working day and be put in a belt, so they can bring it with them around the store.


Avoid closing your stores and losing earnings

There are several things that can help you ensure that you don’t have to close your stores and thereby lose earnings when you’re changing your POS solution. If you’re only changing your software, you can choose a supplier who’s offering to deliver and install remote. That way it’s not necessary to have consultants coming to your stores and it will make the process more efficient.

Depending on the number of stores and tills it’s also a good idea to choose a supplier who can make sure that the old system and the new system can run parallel. That way there are no “gaps” in the process where you have to close your stores or where you risk losing critical business data.


The delivery and installation process with Fiftytwo

At Fiftytwo we always strive to deliver and install our POS solution, 52RETAIL, as fast and efficient as possible. Among other things we offer remote delivery and installation if you’re keeping your current hardware but are changing your software. It saves both time and hassle, so your tills are quickly up and running with the new solution.

In addition, we make sure to take care of all your data by running your old system parallel with your new system, so you don’t have to worry about downtime on your tills or data that is lost along the process. Read more about 52RETAIL here.