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How Mobile POS can strengthen your stores

We know how important it is that customers get a good experience when they shop in our stores. They want to experience a smooth and personal service without having to wait in line.

January 11, 2019
By Søren Brammer Riis

With Mobile POS you reduce the time it takes to serve a customer and you give your staff great mobility and flexibility in their job and the way they can meet the customers. The staff can now give advice and serve the customers anywhere in the store. So not only can you avoid lost sales by reducing queues and thereby preventing that some customers leave the shop emptyhanded because they are tired of waiting. You can also improve the traditional sales situation with a higher level of service by meeting the customers where they are and follow them around the store.

Here are some of the situations where Mobile POS can make a difference for you, your staff and your customers:

  • When you want to reduce the queue in your stores
  • When your stores are extra busy during peak time
  • When you want to give your customers an extraordinary personal service
  • When your stores have limited space and you can’t fit in more traditional tills
  • When you’re selling your products at an event or market place


Our solution

We offer a solution called 52RETAIL Mobile POS which is consisting of an iPhone and an Ingenico iSMP put together in SpacePole Duo from Ergonomic Solutions.

52RETAIL is based on one business logic and makes sure that your mobile POS terminals are connected to the rest of the business, so you don’t miss out on important data. Like 52RETAIL’s traditional POS, the mobile POS also integrates with your other systems, so you have the full overview of your business at all times.

With SpacePole Duo from Ergonomic Solutions you get a device that connects the iPhone, which works as the POS, and the Ingenico iSMP, which is the payment terminal. This way you have everything you need to serve your customers right by your hand.