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ITAB and Fiftytwo have entered a strategic partnership

Denmark is lagging far behind in relation to the Nordics and the rest of Europe when it comes to self-service grocery shopping solutions. At the same time, consumers are demanding increasing flexibility and efficiency. They want different options for buying and paying for their goods, and they want store queues to be as short as possible.

February 12, 2018
By Søren Brammer Riis
Retail · What's new?

The partnership is a natural part of ITAB and Fiftytwo's strategy to be able to offer comprehensive self-service solutions that will help retailers to meet consumer demands and needs. This solution will also contribute to raising the level of self-service possibilities on the Danish grocery shopping market.


Compose your own checkout arena


Fiftytwo already makes sales possible on all sales channels with the omnichannel retail solution 52RETAIL. Together with ITAB, they can now also offer a checkout arena, which combines different solutions that cater to the specific wishes and needs of today's customers. The solutions are all based on offering the most effective way to pay. I.e. the customer's basket size and store layout are essential factors that ensure the best customer experience. E.g. express checkout with few items, flexible checkout with self-scan solutions with conveyor belt or the traditional way with a cashier. All of these solutions can be combined with the customer's mobile phone, loyalty cards, etc.

This will enable the stores to meet consumer demands for a flexible and efficient way of buying and paying their goods.

ITAB is 100% integrated with 52RETAIL, so all product-and price calculation, campaign reductions and discounts, etc. are managed in the system and presented on the various ITAB terminals.


A perfect match

CEO of Fiftytwo, Henrik Salicath, is delighted with the partnership and the new opportunities it brings:

ITAB provides us with a partner offering state of the art solutions in omnichannel self-service systems. This gives our customers a major competitive advantage and at the same time supports our strategy for domestic and international growth. We look forward to offering a complete solution for both current and potential customers.

The new collaboration is also greatly welcomed at ITAB. CEO of ITAB, Bjarne Oldager Kusnitzoff, says:

We are two companies who want the same thing, and we could see a match from day 1. Fiftytwo is a highly respected and leading partner in omnichannel solutions in Denmark, and we are pleased that we can now offer our customers a "plug 'n' play" solution, where they do not have to worry about the security and coherence of the backend.


ITAB and Fiftytwo want international expansion

ITAB and Fiftytwo do not only aim to raise the level of omnichannel self-service solutions in Denmark, but also want to be competitive in other markets. Initially, they want to establish themselves with shared customers in Denmark, but also hope the cooperation expands into the European market in the future. They aim to have the first customer in Denmark in place within the next six months.


About ITAB

ITAB is the market leader within checkout solutions. This applies to grocery retailers, as well as more specialised retail stores. ITAB advises, develops, manufactures and installs total checkout solutions for retail chain stores.

ITAB's self-scanning solutions are suitable for everyone, from small purchases to the weekly shop. With ITAB's product lines MoveFlow, TwinFlow and EasyFlow, as well as the traditional cashier, ITAB can provide a total checkout solution customised to individual stores/chains. ITAB can also offer optimal security packages when it comes to exit system solutions. ITAB's ExitFlow means stores can significantly reduce their losses and provide staff with a better working environment.

The ITAB Group is also one of Europe's largest suppliers of shop fittings and lighting systems.


About Fiftytwo

For 30 years, Fiftytwo has supplied the omnichannel solution, 52RETAIL, to the retail industry. 52RETAILe is widely used both geographically and in branches in handling transactions at 13,500 POS in 3,000 stores in 9 countries within Retail Food, Retail Nonfood and Quick Service Restaurants.

The customers include many of Denmark's largest retail chains, such as Matas, BAUHAUS, jem & fix, Salling Group, Dagrofa, Fleggaard, Magasin and ILLUM.


Further information

Kasper Nissen, Sales Manager, ITAB: (+45) 25 62 55 04 | kasper.nissen@itab.com