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Should your next POS solution optimize your business?

A POS solution can be so much more than a cash register that makes sure you can sell your products. With the right POS solution for your business you can optimize it in different areas. More and more things can be automated or optimized today. Therefore, it’s important to acquaint yourself with the different POS solutions when searching for a new one. The more that can be automated, the more mistakes you can avoid. And the more mistakes you can avoid, the more money you can save.

March 21, 2019
By Søren Brammer Riis

We have made a list with some of the things you should take a look at if you’re searching for a new POS solution that can contribute to optimizing your business:

1. Integration to other systems

Most businesses have different systems with each their purpose and important data. If the systems are not connected it can cause big challenges. With a POS solution that easily integrates to your other systems you gather all information in one place and you get a good overview of your data. The more systems that can be integrated and connected, the better the relevant data flows between them and the better overview you have of your business in the end.


2. Data in real time

With data in real time you always have transparency and a realistic overview of your business. That gives you a solid basis for decision so you’re always able to make the best decision. And that will contribute to a positive development of your business in the end.


3. Central maintenance of data

It’s a good idea to look for a POS solution that can ensure the same prices on all sales channels. If you haven’t got the same prices everywhere and the campaigns aren’t activated at the same time it gives you unsatisfied customers and a mess in your systems. By maintaining data such as prices, campaigns and discounts in one place you can avoid this. You will save time and manpower internally and at the same time you will have happy and satisfied customers.


4. Electronic shelf labels

When prices and discounts are in order you can consider introducing electronic shelf labels to your brick-and-mortar stores. That way you make sure to have correct prices in your stores and you will also have a new flexibility now that you quickly can update and change prices, for example when you have specific day-to-day-offers or ongoing price adjustment in relation to competitors’ prices without having to go to all the shelfs and update data manually. You can also use electronic shelf labels to easy refill of products and Click & Collect.


5. Stock management

You can also consider if stock management and automatic refill of products should be part of your POS solution and the interaction with your other systems. It is neither optimal to have too many or too few products in stock. Both can end up costing you money.


6. User-friendliness

A till today is much more than an advanced calculator. It is also a place where your employees are working all day long and spending a lot of time and where the customers are starting to have a peek. Therefore, you should also look for an ergonomically optimal solution with a user-friendly design. If your employees have the best conditions and tools available, they can work more efficiently.


At Fiftytwo we would love to help you optimize your business. Our POS solution, 52RETAIL, is the heart of the technological fundament and connects all the ends to give you the best solution. We are more than willing to take a thorough talk with you about the points on the list and how we can help you to get more out of your business. Read more about 52RETAIL here.