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The 4 key factors in making an informed POS choice

A retailer's insight

August 30, 2023
By Søren Brammer Riis

The 4 key factors in making an informed POS choice: A retailer's insight

Retail is ever evolving, presenting both challenges and opportunities at every turn. Whether it's launching a new outlet, introducing an innovative product range, or catering to a new demographic, adaptability is paramount. Amidst these shifts, the importance of a robust POS system becomes evident. It's more than just a transaction tool; it's about gaining deep insights, optimizing inventory, and ensuring seamless operations.

Choosing a POS system goes beyond just its features. It's a journey of discovery, alignment, and building a partnership. It's about understanding the heartbeat of your business, gauging customer expectations, and staying in tune with technological advancements. Delve into the four key factors every retailer should consider when selecting a POS system, offering insights drawn from years of industry experience.

Dive into the essential considerations for your POS journey

  1. Understanding your needs
    Begin by taking a good look at your business. Recognize the challenges you currently face, the aspirations you hold for the future, and the gaps that exist in your present POS system and operations. 
    A POS system isn't just a tool; it's a strategic partner in your retail journey, designed to align with your business's unique rhythm. Consider not only your immediate requirements but also anticipate the future needs of your business. Ensure that your next POS system can scale and adapt to your growth plans.

  2. Research and exploration
    Explore possible options from the world of available POS systems. Familiarize yourself with the myriad of options available, identify industry leaders, and understand which systems have live up to your needs and expectations. Which systems have earned the trust of retailers globally. 
    Look into case studies, understand the transformations these systems have brought about in other businesses, and make well-informed decisions. Remember, this isn't just a purchase; it's a long-term investment in your business's future.

  3. Hands-on experience
    Theory and research can only take you so far. Engage directly with POS system vendors, request demos, and if possible, pilot their solutions in a real-world setting. This hands-on approach will offer invaluable insights into the system's functionality, user-friendliness, and compatibility with your existing infrastructure. 
    Moreover, involve your team in this process. Their feedback, as end-users, will be crucial in ensuring the system not only meets business objectives but is also intuitive to use.

  4. Ensuring robust support
    The true value of a POS system isn't just in its features but also in the post-purchase support it offers. Ensure that your chosen vendor provides unwavering customer service, commits to regular system updates, and offers a clear roadmap for future enhancements. In the dynamic world of retail, having a supportive and responsive POS partner can make all the difference.

Conclusion: Finding the right POS system is a journey of discovery and alignment. It's about aligning technological prowess with business aspirations. The ideal POS system becomes an extension of a retailer's vision, a tool that not only facilitates transactions but also gathers insights, optimizes operations, and enhances the overall customer experience.

As retailers embark on this quest, they can find a trusted ally in 52ViKING by Fiftytwo, offering advanced solutions and unparalleled support. The journey to find the perfect POS system is like finding a business partner – one that understands your goals, supports your growth, and stands by you at every step of the way.


  • A POS system is the backbone of modern retail operations.
  • Engaging with vendors and piloting solutions can provide invaluable insights
  • Robust customer support can significantly enhance the POS experience.




Market Growth

A 2023 report by MarketWatch predicts the global POS market to reach $125 billion by 2026.


A study by RetailTech in 2023 found that 78% of consumers say that a positive POS experience influences their decision to shop with a retailer again.


A 2023 TechInsight report indicates that 90% of retailers plan to integrate AI and AR into their POS systems by 2025.