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Use Mobile POS for pop-up shops and increase customer experience

April 26, 2023
By Søren Brammer Riis
Retail · Product News

How can a mobile POS system enhance the customer experience in my pop-up shop?

As the retail industry continues to evolve, pop-up shops have emerged as a popular trend among retailers. These temporary shops are set up for a limited time period in a particular location, aiming to attract customers and boost sales. Some examples of popular pop-up shops are the sale of Christmas trees at the harbor in December and pop-up shops at festivals, local markets, or other special events.

Pop-up shops are a great way to boost sales, but how are you going to handle inventory, prices, and payments in your pop-up shop?

Boost sales with a mobile POS

A mobile POS solution (also called MPOS) is a mobile Point of Sale solution that sets the shopping experience free. The mobile POS software can access the same advanced features as your standard POS register but without needing local network or VPN access. The cloud functionality ensures that you stay up to date on price changes and more with your mobile POS.

Now you're probably thinking: Tell me more about this tool of wonder! So, let's dive into 3 main benefits of using mobile POS for pop-up shops!

1. Increase convenience with a mobile POS

A mobile POS system allows you to process transactions anywhere, anytime, even without an internet connection. This provides greater versatility and convenience, as you can accept payments and complete transactions on the spot without the need for a traditional checkout counter.

This means that pop-up shops can be set up virtually anywhere without being limited by the availability of power outlets or internet connectivity.

2. Improve customer experience in your pop-up shop

A Mobile POS system offers an opportunity to create a more personalized and engaging shopping experience for customers. With the ability to process transactions on the spot, retailers can interact with customers in a more meaningful way, meeting customers where they are in the shop, answering questions about products, and offering personalized recommendations with the help of a mobile POS in their hands. The customer will not have to go to the checkout counter to finish their purchase - they can pay right where they are, thanks to the MPOS.

3. Queue bust at peak times and increase efficiency

With an MPOS, you can process transactions quickly and efficiently. This means customers can spend less time waiting in line and more time browsing your products. This is also ideal if there's a long line at checkout. In such scenarios, you'll be able to queue bust with a mobile POS to minimize the long lines, increasing customer satisfaction and decreasing employee stress.

All of these benefits can contribute to a better customer experience at your pop-up shop. By utilizing a mobile POS system, you can create an efficient, flexible, and convenient payment process that enhances the overall shopping experience for your customers.

If you want to read more about our mobile POS system, we’ve collected “7 areas where a mobile POS system can strengthen your business”.

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Unleash your business with a mobile POS solution

Deliver efficient service, better guidance, and a more personal shopping experience with a mobile POS system. Bring the buying situation to the customers, and let them pay anywhere, enabling queue busting and increasing additional sales.


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