A great buying experience - more than a point of sales solution


Connected retail instore solutions

52RETAIL offers many options to service your customers in the store and provide the great experience they ask for no matter if they prefer to scan their product themselves or get assistance from your competent store staff.

All solutions are connected and manage centrally to ensure that prices, discount and campaigns are the same no matter what device you use for customer checkout. Furthermore, it connects with your webshop and mobile solutions to provide the perfect omnichannel experience. Read more about how we support omnichannel retail.

The core of your business


The POS solution is a critical part of your retail business and it must run smoothly all the time, be flexible to adapt to your specific needs and be easy to manage by your staff. 

52RETAIL offers a robust solution with a user-friendly user interface. It runs offline and updates when online again ensuring that sales are always possible. 

The solution makes it possible to connect with your webshop and customer club. Read more about how we support omnichannel retail. 

Another way to meet your customers


Improve the traditional sales situation with a higher level of service by meeting the customers where they are and follow them around the store and give your staff great mobility and flexibility in their job.

Our Mobile POS consists of an iPhone and an Ingenico iSMP put together in SpacePole Duo from Ergonomic Solutions.

Effective customer service


Consumers are demanding increasing flexibility and efficiency. They want different options for buying and paying for their goods, and they want store queues to be as short as possible.

Together with Diebold/Nixdorf we offer modern SCO solution to improve customer service by making checkout fast and convenient.

To further improve the customer experience we have together with ITAB, made it possible to combine different checkout solutions in a checkout arena, e.g. express checkout with few items, flexible checkout with self-scan solutions with conveyor belt or the traditional way with a cashier.


Empower your customers


A self service solution that let's your customer scan their products and check out from the store on their own. 

52RETAIL connects a mobile self scan app to your other sales channels and lets you meet customer demands for more flexible ways of shopping which ultimately gives a better buying experience. 

The customers use their own phone to find products, scan , add to basket and pay for products. 




Don’t limit yourself with end-to-end solutions, instead pick the hardware and microservices you prefer and love and build your technological foundation on solutions that best fit your needs. However, they all need to integrate to provide you the benefits you want. 52RETAIL is the core of the technological foundation and connects all the dots to provide the best solution specifically for you.

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