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ViKING Commerce.

Viking Commerce

ViKING Commerce

A Point-of-Sales solution that is much more than moving goods across the counter.

ViKING Commerce connects all sales channels across all stores and ensures that customers meet the same prices no matter where they choose to shop. Omnichannel sales are about creating great experiences and with an omni POS solution you’ll have the technological backbone to realize your ideas and answer to customer demands and needs.

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Manages prices across all sales channels

ViKING Commerce helps you keep control of prices, discounts and campaigns across all your stores and sales channels to ensure customers get the same prices no matter where they shop.  

  • Manage all stores within your chain
  • Support your omnichannel strategy with seamless price management
  • Deploy campaigns across stores and sales channels centrally
  • Keep track of discounts
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Completes the omnichannel experience

Make interaction between sales channels transparent and appear as a unified brand. ViKING Commerce ensures that your customers will meet the same information anywhere, anytime.

  • Deploy same prices, discounts, and campaigns across all sales channels with central management
  • Give seamless administration and customer experiences when all stores and sales channels are connected in one solution
  • Makes sales easier for your staff by giving them access to multiple ways to complete sales

Connects with your business systems

Choose your favorite business applications and hardware. ViKING Commerce connects with your solutions and lets you maintain data centrally.

  • Use your preferred ERP solution and get all sales data in real time directly from ViKING Commerce
  • Keep your existing hardware or get the hardware you always dreamed of
  • Decide your payment offerings and give your customers the possibilities they ask for
  • Eliminate silo systems

Employees have become more efficient, which resulted in our average sale rose markedly since we rolled out ViKING Commerce.

- Sima Jepsen, District Manager, Carl's Jr.
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Reduces queues in store and online

ViKING Commerce offers applications and functionality that gets your customers through checkout faster and in return gives great customer experiences. 

  • Meet customers where they are with Mobile POS
  • Get more customers through checkout with self-scan and self-checkout solutions
  • Move products over the counter faster with lightning fast POS software
  • Add click and collect to your customer service offerings


ViKING - Build customer loyalty

Builds customer loyalty

Attract new and existing customers and urge them to keep returning to your stores with different initiatives that win loyalty. All integrated to the ViKING Commerce solution.

  • Connect your loyalty program with your sales channels and give customers a seamless experience when using their membership
  • Offer gift cards and vouchers that can be used no matter where your customers shop
  • Give better customer service with the right information at the right time available for store staff
  • Add endless shelf space in the store with direct access to the webshop from the store POS to help customers when products are not available in the store
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Develops as you grow

Get started with a solution that fits your current situation and adds more functionality as your business grows. ViKING Commerce is scalable both in functionality and capacity.

  • Start small and add new features when needed
  • Grow your business with new stores
  • Add new sales channels to deliver new customers experiences
  • Go omnichannel in your own pace

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An easy and efficient customer experience.

Top Toy

TOP-TOY tests new self-checkout stands in BR Sweden in cooperation with Fiftytwo and Diebold Nixdorf.
POS solution precisely adapted to their industry

Carl's Jr.

Carl's Jr In Denmark implemented a new point-of-sale (POS) solution, which is easy and flexible to integrate with their other systems.
Customized solution and easy implementation

OK Plus

Reliable and user-friendly solution releases more time for the business

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