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Enhancing Matas' customer experience with Fiftytwo’s 52ViKING MPOS 

Matas, a leading retail chain in Denmark, is renowned for its extensive range of health and beauty products in more than 265 stores. With a solid commitment to providing an outstanding in-store customer experience, Matas continuously seeks innovative ways to enhance their customer interactions. In a strong partnership since 2017, Fiftytwo, specializing in innovative retail technology solutions, joined forces with Matas to improve its operations and customer experience.

Addressing retail challenges with MPOS 

Before implementing Fiftytwo’s MPOS solution, Matas encountered several challenges: 

  • Long queues: High customer volume during busy periods led to long wait times. 
  • Limited staff flexibility: The placement of cash registers behind fixed counters restricted staff mobility. 
  • Need for personalized interactions: Difficulty in providing a personalized customer experience.
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Fiftytwo’s 52ViKING mobile POS solution 

The 52ViKING MPOS system by Fiftytwo is not just another retail solution. It is an advanced, flexible solution designed to streamline retail operations and enhance the customer experience. The solution seamlessly integrates with existing systems, providing easy access to product catalogs, inventory data, and customer loyalty programs. The MPOS's mobility empowers staff to assist customers anywhere in the store, offer personalized advice, upsell, and improve overall satisfaction. 

Seamless implementation and integration 

The successful implementation of the MPOS solution at Matas involved several crucial steps to ensure success. Fiftytwo's team worked closely with Matas to customize the MPOS to fit their needs and integrate it with their existing systems. Training sessions and a well-executed user interface ensured all staff members were comfortable and proficient with the new system. Fiftytwo provided ongoing support throughout the rollout, addressing issues and ensuring a smooth transition.  

"The implementation of Fiftytwo’s MPOS solution has transformed our operations. Our staff can now assist customers more efficiently and effectively, significantly improving customer satisfaction and sales. I think support from Fiftytwo has been outstanding throughout the process." 
- Nina Rachlin, Sales and Training Coach, Matas 

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Benefits with 52ViKING MPOS for Matas 

  • Improved customer interaction: Staff can assist customers anywhere in the store, offering personalized advice and recommendations. 
  • Reduced waiting times: The MPOS helps manage queues efficiently, reducing customer frustration and increasing sales. 
  • Increased sales opportunities: Ability to upsell and cross-sell products directly on the sales floor. 
  • Flexibility: Suitable for pop-up shops, outdoor events, and other temporary setups. 
  • Enhanced operational efficiency: Streamlined processes leading to reduced operational costs. 
  • Reduced employee stress: Managing queues more effectively reduces stress for staff. 
  • Seamless integration: Works harmoniously with existing systems, providing easy access to product catalogs and inventory data. 

Tangible benefits realized 

Enhanced customer interaction 

The mobility of the MPOS allows sales staff to engage with customers throughout the store, greatly enhancing the shopping experience. Staff can now provide tailored recommendations and assist customers in real-time. Pernille Rasmussen, Head of Customer Experience at Matas, says, “We now meet the customer in the inspiration phase, where we can provide guidance and tell them about their personalized benefits and their points with Club Matas, our loyalty program with more than 1.9 million members.” 

Sara Christina Ivarsen, a store manager at Matas, adds, "The MPOS is very flexible. The customers love it because it is so easy to apply, and they can see all the needed details on their Club Matas membership." 

“We now meet the customer in the inspiration phase, where we can provide guidance and tell them about their personalized benefits and their points with Club Matas, our loyalty program with more than 1.9 million members.” 
- Pernille Rasmussen, Head of Customer Experience, Matas 

Fact: Club Matas, with over 1.9 million members, is one of Denmark's largest customer clubs. 

This enhanced interaction has enabled Matas to offer a more engaging shopping experience, fostering stronger relationships between staff and customers. The ability to provide personalized guidance on the sales floor has significantly improved customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

Reduced waiting times 

The MPOS has significantly reduced waiting times, particularly during peak shopping periods like Black Friday and the holiday season. Customers can check out faster, leading to higher satisfaction and increased sales. Pernille Rasmussen highlights the efficiency of the MPOS in managing queues: “If you have a long line at the counter, the staff member with the mobile POS goes beside the line and pulls out the customers who only need to pay quickly.” 

"We use the mobile POS to avoid long lines. If you have a long line at the counter, the staff member with the mobile POS goes beside the line and pulls out the customers who need to pay quickly."  
- Pernille Rasmussen, Head of Customer Experience, Matas 

This ability to manage queues effectively has improved the customer experience and reduced employee stress, enabling them to serve customers more efficiently. 

Increased sales opportunities 

With the ability to process transactions anywhere in the store, Matas has unlocked new sales opportunities. Staff can now upsell and cross-sell products directly on the sales floor, driving additional revenue. Pernille Rasmussen explains, “On the mobile POS, we can show the customers all the products. We can show them the whole range and, with only one click, order it home and get it delivered.” 

This feature has expanded the potential for sales, as staff can now recommend and process the purchase of items that may not be available in the physical store but can be ordered online through endless aisles, ensuring that customers can always find what they need. 

Flexibility for various sales settings 

The MPOS system allows Matas to operate pop-up shops, outdoor sales events, and other temporary setups, providing new avenues to engage customers in various settings. Nina Rachlin, Sales and Training Coach at Matas, highlights the versatility of the MPOS: “We use it for large events, and it allows us to sell products directly on the spot, whether we're inside the store or out in the field.” 

This flexibility is particularly beneficial for promotional events and special sales, allowing Matas to reach customers beyond the confines of their physical stores. 

Utilize MPOS for pop-up shops and enhance customer experience 

Proven results through a strong partnership 

Since implementing the MPOS solution, Matas has observed numerous quantifiable benefits. Customer satisfaction scores have shown measurable improvements, reflecting the enhanced shopping experience. Sales have also seen notable growth, driven by the improved efficiency and new sales opportunities created by the MPOS. Operational efficiency has significantly increased, with streamlined processes reducing operational costs and better resource allocation. 

How mobile POS can strengthen your stores?

The successful implementation of the 52ViKING MPOS solution at Matas highlights the significant benefits of Fiftytwo’s retail technology. By enhancing customer experience and operational efficiency, Matas has solidified its position as a leader in the retail industry. The collaboration between Matas and Fiftytwo has not only addressed the challenges Matas faced but also paved the way for future innovations and improvements. The ongoing partnership constantly evolves, ensuring Matas stays ahead in retail technology and customer journeys. 

Retailers looking to enhance customer engagement and operational efficiency should consider Fiftytwo’s MPOS solutions. Discover how you can transform your retail operations today. Fiftytwo’s solutions are designed to meet your business's unique needs, ensuring seamless integration and significantly impacting your customer experience and sales. 

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Key outcomes for Matas

  • Higher customer satisfaction: Measurable improvements in satisfaction scores. 
  • Sales growth: Notable increase in sales figures due to improved efficiency and new sales opportunities. 
  • Operational improvements: Enhanced resource allocation and inventory management. 
  • Positive feedback: Customers appreciate the convenience and efficiency of the MPOS solution. 

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