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A custom POS solution tailored to your business and your needs

The technological development is moving fast as well as within the retail industry. Even though you try to stay on top of the latest trends, it’s almost impossible to predict the future. Needs for new and more functionality for your stores arise as consumers demands are changing. Just as it makes sense to comply with new demands and needs, there is no reason to invest time and money on unnecessary technology. 

March 24, 2021
By Søren Brammer Riis

At Fiftytwo, we don’t force you to buy a complex solution with several functionalities you might not need. Furthermore, it’s possible to have our POS solution, 52RETAIL, tailored to your needs. We think that’s makes very good sense. Therefore, we have made our solution modular. And you can easily start with the basics – a checkout counter. It’s crucial for a business to be able to sell their products so that’s of course where we start. After that we can tailor the solution with our modules in pace with your ambitions, dreams, and the technological development. 

If you want to present the options of a modular POS solution with omnichannel possibilities to other stakeholders, then download our PowerPoint template with all the info you need. 


What do you need?

Get an overview of your business and make it clear to yourself how many and what functionality you’ll need. Perhaps you need a simple and efficient solution without too many functionalities. Or perhaps a larger and more advanced solution that opens new possibilities for your business is exactly what you need.


Our modules

Once you get a 52RETAIL in-store POS solution you’ll have the foundation that you can continue to build on. We have several different modules to completely customize your solution to exactly your demands and needs. Here is a selection of our most used modules:


Integration to other systems

52RETAIL not only integrates to most ERP systems but also to many other systems which makes your business even more attractive for the customers. This way you’ll not miss important information and data and you create real time decision support. At Fiftytwo, you choose which systems are best for you and your business.


Integration to loyalty and customer club

The loyalty and customer club are a natural element of 52RETAIL to ensure it’s integrated in all parts of the business and on all your sales channels. Hence, your customers can use their membership whether they shop in the store, on the mobile, at the webshop, or using other sales channels.


Integration to webshop

If you have a webshop we make sure to connect it with the checkout counter so the same prices, campaigns, discounts, and customer information will appear online and in stores simultaneously. This way data are always correctly updated between the systems. If your webshop allows it, we can help with Click & Collect/Click & Reserve.


Gift card

With a gift card solution, you can offer your customers gift cards that can be bought and redeemed digitally and in store. The customer can either use the entire amount at once or in several sittings.

Furthermore, the gift card can be used across the stores in the chain where it is also possible to check the balance.



A voucher can be a good way to get customers to return to your store and you have the option to offer different offers, discounts and gifts. It could for example be related to Black Friday or holiday seasons.


Discount and campaign management

With 52RETAIL there are many options to handle discounts and campaigns. You can among others make discounts on single products, product lines, product families and customer groups. You can also make customer specific discounts and combine them with your customer club. Basically, the only limit is your imagination.


Chain management

We provide a consistent management of all stores within the chain and control of every store and sales channel always showing correct product information. 52RETAIL manages larger chains and chains-within-chains without hassle. It means that your administrator can monitor and support tills through several parts of the chain.


More sales channels

We can help you sell in more ways and on more channels. Besides your brick and mortar stores you can sell your products across the webshop and the mobile. For example, you can sell via mobile in store with mobile POS or sell products that aren’t on the shelves via your webshop directly on the till. Finally, you can offer your customers several ways to pay. For example, they can be served by one of your employees or by a self-checkout counter. There are many ways to sell your products!



At Fiftytwo, omnichannel means that our sales channels are connected with great transparency. It gives you a high quality of data that are always updated in real time. For the customer it means for example that they can redeem a voucher anywhere anytime because everything is connected. And for you it means that you enter your prices, discounts, campaigns, and products in one place. And they are released on all the sales channels your customers can access.

Do you want to know more about what omnichannel is and entail? Read here and get in-depth answers to questions like What is omnichannel? And how do I create a successful omnichannel strategy?


Want to know more?

Have we excited your curiosity? Or do you already see how we can fill some of your needs? Then don’t hesitate to contact me. I  am more than happy to tell you about how we can help you get a POS solution that fits your needs and your business.