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Bording Data changes name as part of international venture

One of Denmark’s oldest IT companies, Bording Data, bears the consequence of a name with low brand awareness outside Denmark and changes name to Fiftytwo. The new name is a direct connection to the year 1952 when Bording Data as one of the first Danish IT companies started development of industry-specific solutions for the retail industry. The name-change and the new profile mark among other things the international venture that will assure future growth.

September 3, 2018
By Mette Kuhlmann Frandsen
What's new?

In addition to the internationalization, the name Fiftytwo and the new profile mark that their customers not necessarily will be the largest and leading retail chains in Denmark. According to CEO Henrik Salicath, the business will extend even further to the non-food segment in retail chains with around 5-50 stores.

With solutions to the trendsetting retail chains in Denmark, e.g. Salling Group, Dagrofa, BAUHAUS, Matas, Toy’R’Us, Neye, Magasin, Illum, we’ve for many years demonstrated that we deliver the goods on all commerce platforms and across sales channels. We’ll continue this development and with our new profile, strategy and more solutions, we’re also looking towards the younger retail chains in the lower segment.

- Henrik Salicath, prev. CEO, Fiftytwo

Fiftytwo has among other things specialized in business solutions for the retail industry, that move across all sales channels and commerce platforms – both instore, on mobile and online. And it’s exactly the most essential and what forces retail chains to think ahead when it comes to customers and suppliers – otherwise they’ll be overtaken on the inside by Danish and international competitors, according to Henrik Salicath.

Retail chains are compelled to break down the silos within their business to gain growth. Consumers demands retail chains to give them a consistent buying experience no matter where they shop – instore, on mobile or online. This development happens faster than seen before and throughout the coming years the development will intensify further. With our omnichannel solution, 52RETAIL we stand really strong.


- Henrik Salicath, prev. CEO, Fiftytwo

As part of the strategy to deliver solutions targeted to a number of new industries within non-food in both Denmark and internationally, a cloud-solution of Fiftytwo’s business solution 52RETAIL is also on the roadmap. At the same time partnerships with for example payment and hardware providers are now prioritized in the effort to start early together with the customer and growth with them.

Fiftytwo has moreover specialized in Dynamics 365, which is Microsoft’s new cloud-based solution that connect business applications across ERP and CRM. Operational and Financial leasing is an area that grows and to which Fiftytwo has great expectations.


We have recently launched our Lease Management solution targeted Operational and Financial leasing. The solution automates and digitalize critical business processes for the leasing companies’ services towards their customers. It means better overview of their customers, cases, documents, contract, reports, public reporting and much more. It’s an area in rapid development and an area where we expect to grow in the near future.

- Henrik Salicath, prev. CEO, Fiftytwo

Acqusition strategy as part of internationalization

Fiftytwo is looking towards acquisitions as part of internationalization and their growth strategy. Acquisition is targeted companies that work with the same customer segments and has the same DNA when it comes to develop their own industry specific innovative solutions. It’s primarily Scandinavia and Germany which are under the radar.


To create a solid foundation internationally, we’re looking at retail chains with around 5-50 stores. At Fiftytwo we love to grow together with our customers. We want to get in early and as a partner expand across countries and borders. Our goal is that in 2020 we’ve more than doubled the number of employees spread across markets in three countries including our development team in Bangladesh.


- Henrik Salicath, prev. CEO, Fiftytwo