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Consumers expect absolute cohesion but get stopgaps

Integrations are getting more and more crucial when retail wants to create seamless buying experiences for customers and make the internal processes more efficient. But according to Boston Retail Partners most are lagging.

May 31, 2018
By Søren Brammer Riis

Consumers want a seamless buying experience but the reality is a different story which at best gives an experience of pseudo-omnichannel and at worst just leads to disappointment. That is the harsh sentence when Boston Retail Partners delve deeply into the numbers in a report from their “2016 POS/Customer Engagement Benchmarking Survey”.


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Sky-high ambitions are not supported

One of the big challenges is that the sky-high ambitions – 85% of the participants in the survey mention “unified commerce” as a top priority – are not backed up by supporting initiatives. On the contrary, Boston Retail Partners tell, there seems to be a just-get-something-done attitude which can seem tempting at first but can turn out to create challenges in the long run.


Cohesion requires more than technology

A technological platform that supports seamless buying experiences is a prerequisite for success. But technology alone doesn’t do it. Retail chains are facing a transformation that demands both changes in the organization and adjustment of existing processes. Technology can support and strengthen but as with all bigger changes everybody must take part in it.


Technology as transforming power

Boston Retail Partners are arguing that a cohesive commerce platform is the way away from a destructive silo mentality and towards making better use of data and having the customer as the focal point. There is still a long way towards the ultimate customer experience which they mention as the nirvana of retail but the tone is set and the consumers’ behavior and expectations are helping the industry. You can read more in the article “Unified Commerce is the Goal, “Faux” Omnichannel is the reality”.


Checklist: 5 areas you can’t compromise

Start today by taking the temperature of your current foundation and consider your further direction. We have made a checklist where we’re going through five areas you can’t compromise if you want to ensure efficient operation and great customer experiences across all sales channels.

The checklist gives you a quick overview of what you particularly must be aware of when you’re assessing the technological foundation beneath your retail chain. If you’re taking these five parameters into account, you’ll stand stronger, create cohesion and be able to meet the development in a changing market.