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Beyond the counter: the sales coach’s perspective on Matas' mobile POS

July 2, 2024
By Rasmus Bach Hansen
Retail · Unified Commerce

Delivering top-notch customer service in a bustling retail environment is no small feat. At Matas, Denmark's leading health and beauty retailer, Fiftytwo’s 52ViKING mobile POS solution tackles this challenge.

We sat down with Nina Rachlin, Sales and Training Coach at Matas, at the Matas office in Copenhagen. She embodies a passion for perfecting the art of customer interaction, memorable first impressions, and the overall customer journey. Her commitment to enhancing the overall customer journey for both Matas’ employees and customers is clear, as she shared how MPOS has transformed their operations. Fiftytwo’s MPOS solution has played a crucial role in these improvements.

Empowering staff for better service

With over 15 years of experience at Matas, Nina leads the staff training and coaching. "I’ve been with Matas for over 15 years, and my role involves training and coaching staff across various locations. The MPOS system has fundamentally improved our operations," she asserts. "Using Fiftytwo’s 52ViKING MPOS has made a significant impact for us. Our employees can help customers more efficiently, improving satisfaction and sales."

Nina emphasizes the importance of understanding why the MPOS system is beneficial. "Initially, we focused on the technical aspects, ensuring everyone could operate the device. Now, it's a natural part of our operations, and our focus has shifted more towards enhancing customer service and sales, with staff seamlessly using it on the shop floor," she explains.

What is an MPOS system?

  • Definition: A mobile point-of-sale (MPOS) system is a portable device that allows sales transactions anywhere in and around the store.
  • Advantages: Increases flexibility and efficiency, reduces queues, enhances customer experience, and enables personalized service.

Learn more in our 52ViKING Mobile POS FAQs.

Nina's passion for the interaction between people is evident in her approach to training. Making every customer feel valued and ensuring that each interaction leaves a positive impression. "The MPOS system allows our staff to be more present on the sales floor, ready to assist customers without delay," she says.

Enhancing customer interactions

A significant benefit of the MPOS system is the improved customer interaction. "The mobile POS lets our staff assist customers on the sales floor. This means we can provide personalized service, look up product information, and complete transactions without the customer going to a traditional checkout," Nina highlights.

This approach saves time and enhances the shopping experience. "Customers love the convenience. It’s beneficial in larger stores where walking to the counter can take time. Now, we can finalize the sale wherever the customer is," she adds.

Nina is enthusiastic about creating a seamless customer journey: "Every touchpoint with the customer is an opportunity to build loyalty and enhance their shopping experience. The 52ViKING MPOS has been instrumental in helping us achieve this."

One feature of the 52ViKING MPOS is its integration with Club Matas, one of Denmark's largest customer clubs with over 1.9 million members. "The ability to go around the store with the customer, check their Club Matas profile, and make recommendations based on their purchase history is incredibly valuable," Nina explains. "We can check member points, offer exclusive discounts, and tailor our advice to fit their individual needs and preferences.”

Key features of 52ViKING MPOS

Mobile checkout Transactions can be completed anywhere in the store, reducing queues and enhancing customer convenience.
Network independence Operates outside the store during events and outdoor sales, ensuring seamless transactions wherever you are.
Integration with loyalty program Access customer data and purchase history for personalized service, boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Endless aisles Allows customers to order items not physically available in the store, providing access to a broader inventory.
Queue busting Reduces long lines during peak times, increasing customer satisfaction and decreasing employee stress.
Enhanced security Protects transaction data with advanced security features, providing peace of mind for both customers and retailers.

Flexible sales opportunities

The flexibility of the 52ViKING MPOS system allows Matas to expand sales beyond the traditional store setting. "We have started doing this more and more," she explains. "There are several places where we can bring the mobile POS out. It allows us to be present where the customers are."

Nina shares an example: "Recently, I was at Nørreport selling sunscreen at the square. The MPOS system's mobility and network independence made it incredibly easy to handle transactions on the go. It’s actually a bit underrated. We need to get even better at bringing it out with us."

Editor's note: Nørreport is the busiest station in Copenhagen, making it an ideal location for reaching a large number of potential customers.

This allows Matas to reach customers wherever they are, enhancing convenience and service. Additionally, Matas has begun hosting significant customer events. "We've started hosting large customer events, sometimes with 300 attendees. The flexibility and mobility of the 52ViKING MPOS allow us to manage all transactions seamlessly during these events," she notes.

"It makes it easier for us to handle large crowds and provide a better customer experience. People really appreciate the convenience and flexibility it offers," she adds.


Positive adoption and continuous support

Implementing the MPOS system has been a smooth process, thanks to the enthusiasm of the staff and the continuous support from Fiftytwo. "Some staff were hesitant at first, preferring the traditional hardware they knew," she recalls. "However, since the MPOS uses the same software as our stationary POS systems, they quickly adapted with ongoing training and support."

Flexibility in the MPOS system has opened new possibilities for Matas. "We also use the mobile POS to manage long lines. If there’s a queue at the counter, a staff member with a mobile POS can quickly assist customers, speeding up the process," she explains.

The successful implementation of the MPOS system at Matas highlights the strong collaboration between Matas and Fiftytwo. "We’ve always had a positive relationship with Fiftytwo. Their team is responsive and supportive, ensuring any issues are quickly resolved," she says.

Feedback from both customers and staff has been overwhelmingly positive. "Most customers are amazed at how quick and smooth the transaction process is with the MPOS. The wow effect is significant," she adds.

Boosting efficiency during peak times

The MPOS system has proven highly effective during busy periods. "Events like Black Friday are much easier to handle with the MPOS system. Staff can move around the store with the device, helping customers and completing sales on the spot," she notes.

Nina also emphasizes the importance of making customers comfortable with the new technology. "For older customers who might be wary, we explain that the MPOS is just like a mobile cash register. This reassurance makes them feel more at ease."

Benefits of using MPOS

  • Enhanced customer service: Staff can complete transactions on the sales floor, reducing wait times and improving the shopping experience.
  • Increased efficiency: Streamlines operations, allowing staff to serve more customers in less time.
  • Flexibility: The system can be used anywhere in the store, providing greater convenience.
  • Larger basket sizes: Facilitates upselling and cross-selling opportunities, leading to larger transaction values.

Practical tips for retail professionals considering mobile POS systems

  1. Invest in training: Make sure your staff is familiar with the MPOS system and focus on how it enhances customer service rather than just technical details.
  2. Emphasize customer interaction: Use the POS solution's mobility to engage with customers directly on the sales floor, leading to more personalized service and increased sales.
  3. Prepare for some resistance: Be ready for initial hesitation from staff accustomed to traditional systems. With continuous support and training, adaptation becomes smooth and efficient.
  4. Utilize during peak times: Deploy the MPOS system during busy periods to manage customer flow efficiently, reducing wait times and improving the shopping experience.
  5. Focus on customer comfort: Educate customers, especially older ones, about the new technology to make them feel comfortable and secure.

Looking ahead with mobile POS technology

As Matas continues to innovate and improve its customer service, the MPOS system remains a central tool in its strategy. "We’re constantly exploring new features and updates to enhance our operations further. The potential is immense, and we’re excited about the future," Nina concludes.

Matas' adoption of Fiftytwo’s 52ViKING MPOS solution sets a new industry standard, highlighting the benefits of modern retail technology for improving efficiency and customer interactions. For retail professionals considering an MPOS solution, Matas' experience offers valuable insights into maximizing this technology's potential.


Enhancing Matas' customer experience with Fiftytwo’s 52ViKING MPOS

Since partnering with Fiftytwo, Matas has implemented the 52ViKING MPOS system, resulting in more efficient workflows and an improved customer experience. Learn more about how Matas and Fiftytwo are working together to achieve these results.

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