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Self-service technologies gets more popular among consumers

Time is money – both for businesses and customers. If you’re able to increase the number of customers in your stores without extending the opening hours, you’ll see an increase in sales and earnings too. Time is indeed valuable for your customers. They don’t want to wait in line and they appreciate every time they can cut a corner and save themselves some time during a busy schedule without compromising on the service or overall experience.

February 18, 2019
By Søren Brammer Riis

One of the ways todays’ retailers can meet this is by implementing alternatives ways of serving their customers in-store. This could be both self-service technologies or mobile technology. Most important is that it can either save time or make product information available fast and effortlessly when needed. Both will contribute to that great shopping experience consumers are demanding.

“Through a survey that looked at U.S. consumers’ shopping habits both online and in-store, 76% of respondents indicated that retailers that utilize more mobile technology (both self-service and used by sales associates) enable a quicker shopping experience, an increase from 67% last year. Additionally, nearly three quarters (73%) of respondents were in favor of self-service technologies to improve the retail shopping experience and reduce staff interactions, up 10.6% from last year.”  From SOTI’s survey “Annual Connected Retailer Survey.”


The staff still have their entitlement

Though saving time is a major factor in the consumers’ positive attitude towards self-service technologies, it doesn’t mean the end of human staff and personal interaction. One thing at a time. The new technologies can also contribute to and optimize the interaction between staff and customer if the staff are equipped with the right technological tools. When the staff have easy access to product information and overview of the inventory it can also help the customer save time as well as give them a great and smooth shopping experience.

“That doesn’t necessarily mean they want human store associates to go the way of the dinosaurs, however. The increasing retailer use of mobile technology, (whether in the form of self-service tools or those in the hands of store associates), suggests that consumers perhaps just like the idea of technology infusing their entire shopping experience, from engagements with store staffers right on through the self-checkout line.”  From Retail Dive’s “Study: 73% of consumers want self-service technology.”

Don’t hesitate to bring in self-service technologies to your stores. It can make a positive difference for both your customers, your staff and not least your bottom line.


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