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Self-service and mobile POS as part of new POS solution

In this blogpost we give you a short overview of some of the alternatives to the traditional till. We also look at how you can ensure continued operation and coherence across the solutions.

February 12, 2019
By Søren Brammer Riis

Today there are many different versions of POS solutions and when you’re considering changing your solution it’s not necessarily just new traditional tills you can choose from – or need. The industry and market are developing constantly so you’ll find various types of self-service solutions and new tools that give the staff new ways of serving the customers, for example mobile POS. 

Alternatives to the traditional till

Overall self-service solutions and mobile POS serve the same purpose – getting more customers through the store while offering them an easy and flexible buying experience. There are several solutions that can help you:

  • Self-checkout stands
  • Self-scanning with handheld scanner
  • Mobile self-scanning
  • Mobile POS

How to ensure coherence across solutions

Naturally there has to be coherence between your solutions. And not only between your traditional tills and new self-service solutions but also between your other business systems. Your POS solution should function effortlessly across everything so all your data such as prices, campaigns and discounts will be available on all channels at the same time. Therefore, it’s worth searching for a POS supplier that is not only able to provide various types of self-service solutions but also able to provide them in a fully integrated solution.


What to be aware of

Think about whether you’re going for new solutions in addition to already existing traditional tills or if the new solutions should replace some of your existing traditional tills. If the space is limited in some of your stores it’s worth considering replacing one of the traditional tills with a self-service till or adding mobile POS. Both are contributing to optimizing the flow of customers in your stores. Furthermore, it’s a good idea to ask a future POS supplier about the delivery and installation process for this type of solutions. The solutions don’t add much value if the first thing they do is close down your stores.


We can help you with self-service and mobile POS

At Fiftytwo we offer and give advice about different types of self-service solutions as well as mobile POS as part of a new POS solution. We can also make sure that all your devices will be connected across your business, so it won’t affect day-to-day operations in your stores neither during the installation nor in the future.

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