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Who you gonna call? Queuebusters!

Enhancing Black Friday efficiency with MPOS

November 24, 2023
By Søren Brammer Riis
Retail · Innovation

Who you gonna call? Queuebusters!

Black Friday is a day of opportunity for retailers, but it is also a day of challenge. Long lines and dynamic pricing are two of the key hurdles. That is where 52ViKING MPOS can make a significant difference.

Streamlining operations on Black Friday

For retailers, Black Friday's success hinges on efficient operations. A modern mobile POS solution like 52ViKING MPOS offers several benefits to enhance operations:

  • Queue busting: 52ViKING MPOS's mobile POS system can help retailers reduce queue times by up to 50%. This improvement in customer flow not only boosts satisfaction but can also lead to increased sales.
  • Direct customer engagement: Staff can interact directly with customers on the sales floor, facilitating immediate sales and reducing the need for queuing at traditional checkouts.
  • Webshop integration: 52ViKING MPOS allows for seamless integration with webshop platforms. This feature enables staff to process sales for items not physically available in the store, offering a comprehensive shopping experience that can reduce lost sales and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Inventory and pricing management: 52ViKING MPOS ensures that inventory and pricing information is always current, which is essential on a day like Black Friday, when every second counts. Real-time updates on stock levels and pricing help retailers adapt quickly to the fast-paced nature of Black Friday sales.

Long-term benefits of mobile POS solutions

The impact of a mobile POS system extends far beyond Black Friday. It is a strategic investment with remarkable long-term benefits:

  • Revenue increase: A Retail Systems Alert study in 2023 showed an average 15% increase in revenue for retailers using mobile POS systems during Black Friday.
  • Customer satisfaction: Retailers leveraging mobile POS solutions are 30% more likely to achieve their customer satisfaction goals, according to a survey by Aberdeen Group in 2022. This increased satisfaction is vital for building customer loyalty and repeat business.

Adopting a mobile POS  solution 

Adopting a mobile POS solution is about more than just managing a busy shopping day. It represents a broader commitment to enhancing business operations, increasing revenue, and improving customer satisfaction. As the retail industry is changing, solutions like 52ViKING MPOS become essential for retailers seeking to stay competitive and responsive.




1. Efficient queue management

Reduces waiting times significantly, improving the shopping experience and potentially increasing sales through faster checkouts.

2. Seamless customer interactions

Enables staff to conduct transactions
on the sales floor, offering
personalized service and reducing
wait times at traditional checkouts.

3. Integrated online and offline sales

Allows sales of items available online directly in the physical store, ensuring customers have access to a wider range of products.

4. Real-time data insight

Provides live updates on inventory and pricing, crucial for adapting quickly to demand changes during peak shopping periods like Black Friday.

5. Enhanced payment flexibility

Supports various payment methods, including credit cards and mobile payments, offering customers convenience and improving
transaction efficiency.

6. Long-term business growth

Contributes to increased revenue and customer loyalty, essential for adapting to the changing retail industry and enhancing business operations.


Everything you need to know about a mobile POS system

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