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5 requirements of your POS solution

We know that it’s not straightforward to look for a new POS solution for your business. It can both be difficult and challenging. There are many suppliers of POS solutions on the market and they may not necessarily have the same features and possibilities. Therefore, it’s important that you are familiar with the individual solution before you come to a final decision. However, there are some basic things that any POS solution should contain to support your business in the best possible way.

June 20, 2022
By Søren Brammer Riis

1. High speed

A good POS solution should always run speedily and reliably. Today’s consumers want to be attended to quickly and efficiently. They don’t have the time or patience to stand in long lines. But with the right POS solution both customers and employees will get through without any problems even during the busiest hours in your store. And if your customers have had a good purchase experience, there is a good chance that they will come back.


2. Integrations

By now, many businesses have several systems each creating a silo of information and data. This can be challenging, as it at times will be hard to keep track of the silos and their data. With a POS solution, which can be easily integrated with your other systems, you collect all the information in one place and you will get a manageable overview of the data. In addition, you will minimize errors and save time on not changing back and forth between systems all the time. And time is, as we all know, money.


3. Data in real time

A good POS solution should, as mentioned, be able to integrate effortlessly. But equally as important is the ability to access your data in exact real time. With data in real time you will always have transparency and a realistic overview of your business, which means you can make the best decisions that in the end will contribute to a positive development of your business.


4. Scalability

It can be hard to know where your business and the industry are in five years. Or just in one year. Therefore, it is important to ensure that a POS solution is geared to support your business when it grows or when it is required by the progress of technology. A good POS solution can scale your business by being able to manage multiple stores through chain management, but also by expanding your current solution with more functionalities in the future.


5. Great support

Whether you buy a smaller and more simple POS solution or a big and grand solution, you’ll need a competent and efficient support function. Therefore, is a good idea to check the details concerning the possibility of receiving support, both technical and customer oriented, when you’re considering investing in a new POS solution. Your own employees are not always able to or have time to solve the problem when it arises. By having a competent and efficient support function your stores will run well and steadily.


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