"Fiftytwo is a valuable partner and we know what they represent – especially when it comes to high priority issues. We are more than satisfied with all aspects of the POS solution for Carl’s Jr. and not least the support model."

Carl's Jr.


Carl's Jr.

Carl’s Jr. in Denmark got a new point-of-sale (POS) solution that easily and flexibly integrates with their other systems. The system is precisely tailored to the hospitality industry and the special needs the industry has.


The Client

Renowned American burger restaurant Carl’s Jr. opened its first restaurant in Denmark in 2013, with Dansk Supermarket as the franchisee. The American burger restaurant is known as the ultimate place for burger lovers. Today, there are more than 1,200 Carl’s Jr. restaurants worldwide.


The challenge

Carl’s Jr. lacked a POS solution that they could integrate with SAP and thus eliminate several manual processes and get a full overview of their sales and production. They also needed a good partner to provide fast and efficient support.


The solution

Bording Data, in collaboration with Carl’s Jr., customised. ViKING Commerce – the point-of-sale solution already in use at Dansk Supermarked. This way, they acquired a POS solution that met the industry’s requirements and needs and, at the same time, was fully integrated with SAP.



Carl’s Jr. now have access to detailed data about sales and production in each restaurant, allowing them to better optimise inventory and resources to match demand. Overall, the solution enabled us to grow faster than before.

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