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Mammut Hoffmann

Integrating two ERP systems and enhancing a bespoke webshop experience 

In the summer of 2021, Hoffmann Firmatøj and Mammut Work Wear merged to become one of the largest manufacturers and sellers of work clothes in Scandinavia. While the merger built on years of collaboration, creating a single ERP system and webshop from their existing ones was a daunting prospect. Which is why they asked Fiftytwo to take it on. 

"We now have around 25 000 webshop users, and 125 clients use our systems every day. "
—Mikael Hornstrup, CFO, Mammut Hoffmann

Besides delivering a fully integrated ERP system, Fiftytwo had to deliver a webshop based on two earlier ecommerce solutions. The new 52eSELLER solution lets Mammut Hoffmann quickly set up an own-label branded webshop for an individual client, tailored to their employee needs and integrated with Mammut Hoffmann’s main webshop. 

"Fiftytwo’s solution enabled us to work on the back end while the webshop was still live – and while we were merging our two companies into one."
—Mikael Hornstrup, CFO, Mammut Hoffmann

Mammut Hoffmann has been very pleased with the results: an ERP solution that has automated a variety of working processes; a new warehouse management system; and an advanced, customizable ecommerce solution that it continues to improve in partnership with Fiftytwo. 

"We chose Fiftytwo because they’re one of the largest suppliers in the field, and they had people who could understand the complexity of our needs –and fulfil them with great success."
- Mikael Hornstrup, CFO, Mammut Hoffmann

Watch Mikael Hornstrup talk below about the IT challenges that Mammut Hoffmann faced as a result of the merger – and how their collaboration with Fiftytwo and Bording has been key to surmounting these challenges: 

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