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Marias kiosk

Brand new POS system for Nærkøb's store in the heart of Copenhagen

Maria's Kiosk, run by Jørgen Hjelm Hansen, is located in the heart of Copenhagen. For the past 30 years, jørgen has been behind the counter in the kiosk, servicing many customers - including many tourists, due to the location of the kiosk close to some of Copenhagen's largest attractions. Jørgen has used a cash register system for many years, but unfortunately, the solution was not further developed nor supported. Jørgen did not see any other alternatives than investing in entirely new hardware and a modern, future-proof POS solution with full support options. It was a requirement from Jørgen that it was a POS solution, which was relatively easy and intuitive to learn.

"It was crucial for my store that I got a checkout solution that I could use for many years, which was not challenging to get started with."
- Jørgen Hjelm Hansen, owner of Maria's Kiosk

The kiosk is part of the store chain Nærkøb A/S, including kiosks, convenience stores, petrol stations, campgrounds, and harbor kiosks. In 2020, the store chain entered a framework agreement with Fiftytwo to deliver, install, and support POS solutions in more than 500 member stores.

"The great benefits of being a member of a large store chain are, among others, getting access to a wide range of discounts, professional advice, and, last but not least, networking. I have used my connections from Nærkøb to get in touch with Fiftytwo, who made me a great deal. says Jørgen and adds that he is, in no way, an IT specialist himself. Therefore, he has benefited from the advice he received."
- Jørgen Hjelm Hansen, owner of Maria's Kiosk

In the autumn of 2020, Jørgen Hjelm Hansen had his new POS solution, 52ViKING, installed with entirely new hardware. Even though the store is 30 years old, it feels like a new beginning. Everything is running as it should. It has been incredibly easy to get to know the system and become familiar with a brand-new POS solution. He only needed to contact the support department at Fiftytwo twice, and in both situations, he got the help he needed.

52ViKING is very stable, and the system runs virtually without malfunctions. Also, the system handles complex price calculations in connection with volume discounts and offers – across product categories. The calculation is made at high speed, making the transaction very fast - for the benefit of both the customers and the kiosk owner. 52ViKING runs on a Linux server, which does not require investment in Windows licenses, and the kiosk owner is not affected by disruptive updates.

Like most other grocers and kiosks in a chain collaboration, Jørgen is buying his goods via a purchasing association. 52ViKING has an invoice integration to the purchasing association, so importing data about indicative prices, cost prices, product information, etc., enter the system automatically when Jørgen purchases an order and receives the invoice. It facilitates time-consuming manual processes while minimizing the risk of errors.

"It is important that I can use my energy to provide an excellent service to the customers who faithfully visit my kiosk every day. Therefore, my checkout solution has to run without errors, and I have to be free from too many manual tasks in my daily work."
- Jørgen Hjelm Hansen, owner of Maria's Kiosk

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