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5 tips for additional sales in your webshop

You have probably heard or experienced that it is cheaper and easier to sell more to existing customers than to attract new ones to your webshop. As the online competition increases and your ability to make a profit can be challenged, it becomes just as essential to focus on ways to create additional sales as on Google Ads and other types of marketing. Remember that in most cases, loyalty gradually will become stronger, the longer you have had a relationship with your customers.

By Jacob Gammelby Stenhaug

Following 5 tips can help you sell more to your existing customers.

1. Reward loyalty 

There are many different ways you can reward your loyal customers - the most important is that you do so. For example, by using discount vouchers for free shipping or a gift card when a purchase reaches a certain amount. You can offer particularly attractive prices to customers if they create a user profile and use a login when they enter your webshop. When you have a clear idea of the interests the individual customer you can follow up with personal discounts and offers. 

2. Use targeted campaign emails frequently 

You are on the right track if you work on getting permissions and expanding your base of loyal customers who have allowed you to share information and offers with them. It is well known that direct mails convert effectively if they reach your customer based on the customer's situation and interests. Therefore, sending relevant emails to your customers frequently can be of great value. Effective customer segmentation or the use of automated content recommendations from a data-mining program can help you get started. Be aware of the items you know have peak seasons at a given time in order to make the most of seasonal fluctuations in your email campaigns.

3. Take advantage of SoMe 

With informative and entertaining content, you can create valuable relationships with your customers through social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. It requires a dedicated effort and high frequency of content, but it can provide great value in the form of loyalty and significant additional sales. Therefore, your SoMe effort and strategy is an essential element in marketing your webshop and in the relationship with your customers.

4. Reach out to your customers 

Follow up on how often each customer returns and purchase in your webshop. If it has been a long time since a customer has last purchased and you have permission to reach out, then do so. In particular, you must maintain regular interaction with customers who have frequently been shopping, but no longer do so. A direct mail with a personal discount, a free shipping voucher, etc. can be crucial to whether your customers revisit your webshop.


5. Burn rates - keep track of when your customer has finished a product

You can predict burn rates quite accurately for a wide range of products,  whether it is razor blades, hand cream, or diapers. In particular, if a customer has been shopping in your webshop repeatedly, you can often calculate precisely when it is time for a new order. When you have the necessary knowledge about your customer's shopping habits - and of course, the customer's permission - it is ideal to reach out with an offer at the right time. 


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