An omnichannel solution that connects POS and customer club


Matas is one of the retailers in Denmark with the highest complexity concerning prices, personal discounts, and loyalty points. As part of their omnichannel strategy, Matas entered into a partnership with Fiftytwo four years ago.

One of the most value-creating for Matas is the ability to create omnichannel - combining the different channels.
- Thomas Grane, Director of Technology and Organization


When Matas started the collaboration, the core element was 52MASTERPRICER. The unique 52MASTERPRICER helps Matas combine personal discounts across channels; when a club customer, for example, buys three products in one of their stores, but only two are available, and the last has to be forwarded.


It is a very unique solution, the only one I have seen on the Danish market, where we have managed to create such a smooth collaboration between something so personal under the auspices of the club and then the traditional POS.
- Thomas Grane, Director of Technology and Organization


With the channels connected, Matas ensures consistency in prices, offers, and promotions, so that their customers get the same good and simple overall experience no matter where they meet them.

Watch Thomas Grane talk about Matas' and Fiftytwo's collaboration.


Carl’s Jr. i Danmark fik ny point-of-sale (POS) løsning, der nemt og fleksibelt integrerer med deres øvrige systemer. 

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Nye gebyrregler førte til, at Fleggaard – der står bag grænsehandelskæderne Fleggaard og Calle - rystede posen med leverandører på betalingsområdet. 

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Med et skifte til 52RETAIL-platformen har SMS P/F taget et kvantespring ind i fremtiden med en af markedets bedste og mest fremtidssikre kassesystemer til detailhandel.

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