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When Morten Laursen founded the company Frishop.dk - an online builders merchant that sells trademark products and specialized items for home and garden that is not found in the traditional construction markets - the choice of eCommerce platform was crucial. The level of ambition was high from the start, which is why Morten had two primary requirements for a solution:

  • The webshop should be able to scale with the business
  • The level of integration should be high

With his background knowledge of the e-Commerce market in Denmark, Morten decided to use our webshop solution 52eSELLER with full integration to Navision for all data to be exchanged and used across the webshop and financial system.

As a start-up with only two people during the start-up phase, Morten Laursen and his partner had to set up both Navision and the webshop from scratch. They were up and running with both in less than a month, and the collaboration went smoothly with Fiftytwo as the supplier. The solution was 100% integrated from the start, and a prerequisite for the short implementation phase was that Fiftytwo was the total supplier. Several suppliers had no doubt extended the process. 

"We had high demands, but Fiftytwo met them, and the implementation was a good process with skilled consultants who were critical in a constructive way."
- Morten Laursen, founder of frishop.dk

Today, the entire solution runs streamlined and automated, confirming their supplier choice. Their decision was, among other things, based on the fact that poor logistics and lack of integration can destroy even good webshops. An integrated setup has helped Frishop.dk achieve the ambitious growth goals they set from the start.

"What pleases us most is that it works for our customers so that they will repurchase from us. If we sell a customer a garden grill, there is a good chance he will choose us when he needs a lawn mower."
- Morten Laursen, founder of frishop.dk

In addition, Morten Laursen points out that the solution is technically well put together. The SEO part is set up for Frishop.dk to get the best possible foundation for achieving good rankings in the search results because it is crucial to be found in online searches as an ambitious growth business.

Shortly after, Denmark closed down in April 2020 because of the global Covid-19 pandemic, also known as the Corona crisis, Frishop.dk experienced a significant increase in the number of orders, and as a result of this increased revenue. The lockdown of the Danish society caused a boom in "do-it-yourself" projects, and at the same time, the Danes were busy preparing their gardens for the spring season. Therefore, the demand for goods sold in construction markets increased, and while many other industries were struggling, Frishop.dk was experiencing a growing wealth.

Although the demand put massive pressure on their webshop, it was pressure tested and passed the test. The fact that the webshop is built on a scalable e-Commerce solution makes it very flexible and can handle sudden increased pressure on capacity.

At the same time, the webshop's close integration with its financial system means that they have benefited from an automated and streamlined setup that optimizes the customer journey and makes it easier for them to attract and retain customers.

About Frishop

Frishop.dk is an independent online builders merchant that sells everything for homes and gardens. The majority of buyers are private, who benefit from buying from a range of trademark products that the established construction market chains often do not stock. Frishop.dk went on air in 2011 and has 40 employees today.


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